10 Reasons Christian Affirmations will work for You!

1) Positive  Affirmations - The power of Affirmations has improved the lives of millions of people! Many Christians get saved, but they do not learn to live in Victory.  They do not understand the Blessings that God has for them.  Positive Affirmations are motivational statements. They are filled with positive, encouraging, and inspirational words. They will encourage you, bless you, build your confidence, and help you to keep a positive attitude!

2) Self Talk - You constantly have thoughts in your mind about yourself.  It is estimated that over 80% of the average person’s Self Talk is negative. Too often, these negative thoughts paralyze our confidence, and keep us from reaching our full potential! You live at the level at which you speak.  The Bible says, "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue" (Proverbs 18:21). Christian Affirmations will help you transform your inner Self-Talk to become positive and encouraging.

3) Affirmations are scriptural - The most POWERFUL affirmations are ones backed up by the Bible! You will be speaking many of God's own words - affirming and confessing His Bible Promises for your life! These powerful, Biblical affirmations line up  your words with God's words, keeping you in unity with God! This releases God's  Blessings and Favor to freely flow to You, and onto others!

4) Encouraging and Inspirational Words - We all need encouragement to help us stay motivated (especially in hard times). Christian Affirmations will you to stay encouraged and motivated! You can also use them to encourage and motivate others! They make great inspirational gifts! You can be a big blessing in the lives of other people!

5) Short and Simple - Positive statements that are short and simple are proven to be the most effective to transform thinking! Our Christian Affirmations are short and simple. They are also positive, encouraging, inspirational, and Biblical.

6) Listening will Build your Faith and Belief!.  The Bible says, "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God". You will get hope and encouragement.  It takes faith and determination to overcome obstacles. It takes faith to move mountains! With God, all things are possible in your life! Jesus said, "All things are  possible to those who believe.”

7) Change from the "inside-out". Inner Success = Outer Victory! Christian Affirmations help to give you positive inner change. This is the only kind of change that will last. External outer change is only temporary change. Your inner strength will give you the power to overcome external challenges - and reach your goals and dreams. Learn to replace negative thinking with positive affirmations! Replace worldy thinking with scriptural thinking! Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).

8) Repetition - Our system makes it easy for you to stick with on a DAILY basis. The power of affirmations comes from repetition. We must change our thinking to change our life. Read and listen to Christian Affirmations every day. Position yourself for continual victory. Develop a prosperous state of mind.

9) Powerful Background Music - You will get the most peaceful and relaxing background instrumental music! We spent good money to secure the rights to give you some of the best classical music of all time - from Pachebel, Bach, Mozart, and more! They will help to keep you relaxed and open to receive God's many blessings! Listening to this type of classical music has even been proven in recent  studies to increase the listener's IQ!

10) Convenience- Christian Affirmations on CD, MP3, DVD, Video, and EBook is a convenient way to stay encouraged and motivated throughout your day! They make it easy to stick to.  This will keep your mind focused on Jesus, and His many blessings! They will help you to stay thankful and appreciate all of God's Promises! You can listen in the background of whatever you are doing - relaxing, driving, exercising, or anytime!